I am passionate about documenting life as it unfolds to create images that matter. I want to take pictures of you the way you are.

Theresa Lange

Theresa Lange

born in 1987 in East Germany

grew up in California

BA in Cultural Studies in Frankfurt (Oder)

studied photography in Berlin

Now based in Neustrelitz and available worldwide

Welcome! I’m Theresa. Photograpy is my language and I’m passionate about honest and empathetic storytelling. Life as it unfolds is so much more beautiful and moving than I could ever stage. I find there is so much more joy in things as they are.

Ever since I picked up my first camera, one particular subject has always held my fascination: the connection between people. And how that connection becomes visible in small, fleeting moments that often go unnoticed.  I capture those moments - creating images that tell a story about people, their emotions and relationships...even generations later.

I’m grateful that I was able to turn this passion into a job I truly love. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to contribute a lasting piece to a family’s history.  

How do we know if you are the right photographer for us? 

If my photos speak to your heart, that's probably a good start :) 

And if you are not afraid to be true to yourself and allow me to celebrate what I see, we should get along just fine. I am not so good at forcing anyone into a perfectly planned pose, but I come with an open heart and a curious eye to capture the real moment. You are more than enough and I hope you feel that every single time you look at these photographs. 

What can we expect from a photoshoot with you? 

That you will be comfortabel. It won't be akward or tense, no matter how camera shy you may be. I will make and hold space for you to feel comfortable and simple be. And when you are least concerned with how you look in the photo, that's when I really start shooting. This requires some bravery [read: vulnerability]. But when we both allow ourselves to lean in together - magic happens. 

How did you become a photographer? 

The passion for photography as a way to document our lives runs in the family. An entire corner of my office is filled with old cameras handed down from generation to generation. One oft them still has a bullet stuck inside – that camera saved my great grandfather’s life during World War II. His son has been working on creating a family archive of countless private photographs dating as far back as the 1920s.  I grew up with slideshows of those family photos during regular reunions and each time, the images served as a springboard for lively storytelling and reminicing. In this way, I internalized very early on the priceless value of photographs as a documentation of family history. Without them, our memories fade and we forget the important details that are only visible in a photograph.

I’ve been documenting my own life since early childhood –  but rather than focusing on myself, my main point of interest has always been the people I met along the way. I was lucky to encounter a very inspiring photography teacher as a teenager in California, who remains a close friend and critic today. He encouraged me from the very beginning, to turn my hobby into a profession. When I returned to Germany, I studied cultural studies and documentary photography – always true to my goal of documenting stories.

How did you end up shooting weddings? 

That fell into place when I moved from Berlin out to the country side, got married and had children. During my photography studies I had been asked here and there by friends to document their weddings. But it wasn’t until I was a bride myself, that I truly discovered the value (and the joy!) of wedding photography. In hindsight, I am incredibly thankful for the turn of events that led me here. I love completely immersing myself into every family story I am entrusted with.  And I find it so rewarding to witness the emotional spectrum and all those stories unfolding in the course of a wedding day. 

Can we book you for other things as well? 

i once came across the sentence "I am not a wedding photographer. I am a portrait photographer who gets invited to a lot of weddings." That describes it pretty good. Though I would add documentary portrait photographer. Wherever anyone is looking for a gentle, compassionate view on things as they are, I will be glad to capture any person, event or place for you. If you have something in mind, just get in touch and let's talk about it! I would love to hear from you.